Getting Started

Today's Offers helps you show all your offers in one place. With Today’s Offers, your customers can view and use your offers easily.

You can now have a simple and elegant store without distracting your customers with promotion banners. Today`s Offers can show your offers on every page hidden inside a small button. And your customers can view them easily by clicking on the button whenever they want.


✔ Create many offers at the same time

✔ Add images to your offers

✔ Schedule offers

✔ Customize colors to match your branding

✔ Hide/show on selected pages


You can add Today's Offers to any website. Create an account and add the given script to pages where you want to display offers.

One-click installation is available for Shopify stores

See Installation Guide

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Manage your offers from anywhere, Today's Offers app is ready whenever and wherever you are.


iPad or iPhone





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